ASP.NET MVC New Project Tutorial



ASP.NET MVC Tutorials New Project

In the previous tutorial ASP.NET MVC Tutorials : Introduction We gave a brief introduction about ASP.NET MVC and how it differs from its predecessors.

In This tutorial we will start our first coding journey in ASP.NET MVC with a simple project.

What do you need ?

1- Install visual studio the community edition or if you have a paid license account download other versions.

2- Make sure to instal .NET framework and ASP.NET and web framework components required to create and run this tutorial project.

You can follow this official link for instructions on how to get visual studio install :

ASP.NET MVC New Project

  • Once you have installed the environment select File from top left menu then New then Project
  • From the left panel choose Installed >> Visual C# >> Web >> then choose ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)


  • Make sure to select .NET Framework 4.6.1 as the latest version. also choose the project name and location. Then click OK.
  • Choose MVC template as shown in the image below then click OK.


  • A new Project is being created now


  • You can see at the right panel the project structure, we will talk about each one in details later.


  • Lets Run the project by pressing F5 ( Debugging Mode ) or Ctrl+F5 (without Debugging Mode) or click on the IIS icon as shown below


  • A new web browser tab will open with the project home page


Summary :

  • In this tutorial we created our first ASP.NET MVC project we saw how to create and run it with and without debugging mode
  • In next tutorials we will study the project structure files in details and will manipulate with some code.